25 July 2011

For after the house is finished...

Sorry, no floorplan to share just yet, so I thought I'd share some pretty, summery pictures to liven up this chilly Winter day.

I've just booked a little holiday for us here...

We have a wedding to attend next May, so get to spend three, child-free days in paradise.  Nine months isn't really that long to wait...



  1. Hope you have an amazing time, which I'm sure you will :)


  2. It's a pregnancy! Yeah will go quick now that you have the house building process going on! Looks lovely and how nice to have some time away as Husband and Wife and not Mum and Dad ;-)

  3. Hahahaha, T. I had to read your comment twice. I thought you meant the holiday would result in a pregnancy!!!!!! (Which it.will.not!)

    We will love it, B. Just have to hope that you know who's work permits our attendance, or I might me going alone!

  4. haha no your next "baby" is the house! Lol :D Gosh I hope DH manages to go with you. Will be keeping my fingers crossed.


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