21 July 2011

Step Two - Settle on the block

Who ever said these things go smoothly and according to plan??  Well, sometimes they do.  Today was not one of those days.  Due to a slight delay from the vendors' end, settlement on the land had already been delayed, and then, due to a miscommunication, it almost didn't happen today either.

But, in a lovely, happy ending - crack open the champagne and let's celebrate!  (Or at least we would, if I wasn't home alone with three children who require feeding and bathing.)

Yee hah!!!

Welcome to our block...
Wouldn't you think you'd mow it before you put it on the market?  I feel sorry for the neighbours, if there have been mice or other rascals living in there.  We'll Husband will be whipper snippering this weekend or next.

It's a funny shape, hence we are still waiting on our revised floorplan.  I look forward to being able to share it with you next week, or thereabouts.



  1. Yay! How exciting!!!! Congrats M :)

    Dead end street? Love it!!!!!


  2. Looks like a great sized block. Roughly how big? Are you going to have the house running down the right hand side and living/outdoor on the left?

  3. It is a culdesac indeed, B, and this time we are at the top, which will be great for bike riding etc.

    Block is 604m. Looks bigger, though. We will run the house along the back boundary, and the yard will all be at the front. Husband is planning a very pretty front fence to keep everyone in.


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