28 July 2011

No news is good news...

Either that, or maybe no news is just no news.

No floorplan yet, and the Sales Consultant is on his 'weekend' now.  Looks like we'll have to hit him up for some info on the weekend.

While we wait, here are some photos of my lighting/fan inspiration for the new house.  A few little pretties for 'it's not quite Friday, but it's nearly here' Thursday.

The Cayman from Beacon Lighting - for over the Dining Table perhaps...
The Loom Pendant from Freedom.  I like these for the Kitchen, but will be too close to the beautiful Cayman, which I think I love more.
The Tahitian for the Alfresco ceiling.
Get excited - this guy's for the Toilet!!!!  Hellar from Beacon Lighting.

This, and the one below, are the Wren from Beacon Lighting.  I am thinking the bronze finish for over the bath in our Ensuite, and the cream for over the desk in Girl One's bedroom.

Piron Table Lamp from CAFE Lighting.  Maybe in the Study...

Shade from Etsy, maybe for the Family Room.
I don't know if I've mentioned on the blog yet that our taste is quite eclectic.  Our inspiration for this house is Contemporary/Asian/Hamptons/French fusion.  We like to call it Contempohamptonese, with a dash of au Francais.  Perhaps I should get myself a copyright on that...

Happy Thursday.


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  1. "Get excited - this guy's for the Toilet!!!! Hellar from Beacon Lighting"

    Love it! I don't know why builders don't install exhaust fan & light combos as standard.


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