23 August 2012


I am relatively new to the Aldi revolution, what about you?

I think my favourite part of shopping at Aldi is their $4.99 flowers at the checkout.  They're only little bunches, but as someone who doesn't really 'do' fresh flowers due to their cost, I think they're just perfect.  Here are a few examples of my Aldi bunches around the house.  Husband keeps asking who's been buying me flowers.  Well, not him, obviously!  Haha!

And, here are some fakies to round out the round up.  The hydrangeas are available here.

Are you a fakey or a freshy, when it comes to flowers?


  1. I didn't know Aldi sold flowers. Might just have to call in to see what they have. Thanks

  2. I love both fresh and fake flowers around the house. They make the fakies so well these days! At the moment camellias are still in bloom and I've been pinching my neighbour's and putting them in little bottles all around the house. With the bit of sunshine we've had in Melbourne the last few days it's such a nice hint at Spring coming. Yay!

    Enjoy your Aldi colour. Gotta love the price for a bit of indulgence!

  3. I have often bought flowers from Aldi they are a great price and perfect for adding a little colour to a corner. I also do a mix of fresh and fake. I definitely prefer fresh but it's not always possible or practical. xx

  4. I love fresh flowers. I'll have to check out the Aldi ones, our local woolies is usually $10 minimum. I also hold onto the really nice bunches and dry them out if they are the right type. For a while I had been drying and keeping rose petals in a little glass square vase anytime Daniel gave me roses, I had a nice little batch for about a year until they got mouldy and had to go! We also have a vase which has a two year old bunch of native flowers which I dried, I guess that's my version of fake flowers.

  5. I never knew Aldi had $5 bunches and they're so pretty. I normally buy the Woolworths $12 bunches but these are even better. Thanks for sharing.

  6. i love to put some flowers in the bathroom it can add some attraction and it would also make the bathroom smells good.

  7. ooh - I think i'm spotting some of that NIMBUS in the background here, am i right? :)

    Love, love, love fresh flowers in the home, but like you, wince at the price. That's why my focus is on a garden where I can cut & pluck from at will .. for free! :D

    ( but i'd totally buy those happy little bunches :)


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