25 August 2012

Family Room Inspiration

My Mum and I spent a bit of time looking at our Family Room last weekend, trying to decide what to do!

The key points were...

1.  We need a rug.  We knew this, just hadn't gotten around to it.  Guess what?  Mumma is going to shout us one.  Yay!
2.  We need to tie in the wicker from the Dining Space (pendant light and chairs) to the Family Room.
3.  We need to choose a lamp shade.
4.  We need something on the wall (my plan all along), or additional colour via cushions.

Later in the week, I found this image on Freedom's Facebook page.  It brought EVERYTHING home for me in one fell swoop!

Freedom via Facebook

Now, as much as I love the round rug, and have been coveting it for some time, it isn't right for our sofa, so I'm looking at the one below instead.

I'm also planning on purchasing the basket and an, gasp, indoor plant.  I've never hearted indoor plants, but this just looks and feels right!

I picked up a floor lamp in Bunnings, for the bargain price of $50, but the lamp shade was the wrong colour. I was planning to recover, but now that I've found the fabric below, I'm not so sure.  I'm even starting to think that the lamp won't actually stay.

Now, as for the artwork above...  It's kinda expensive...  so, I've sourced this fabric and am planning to stretch it over a couple of canvases.  Where there's a will, there's a way, so they say!


So, stay tuned for a big reveal soon!!


  1. I love the look. Actually would like a round ratten type rug just like that one! As for the indoor plant, I felt the same - thought they were tacky, but I ended up buying one for a corner that needed a little greenery and I love it:)

    1. Snap on the plant, Kylie! I really think I'm turning into my mother!!!

  2. I love the look too!.
    I want that rug. Where is it from?
    Pen x

  3. Lovin it, can't wait for the reveal. It's really exciting to see what you come up with.

  4. Love the Freedom room. That rug looks perfect and love the fabric for wall art. You could even do 3 framed pieces of art if it is a big space to fill. What about a cane or wicker shade for your lamp?

    1. I love the idea of a wicker lampshade, JA, but haven't found any that really float my boat! Do you have any suggestions? (Might start a forum thread!!) Mx

  5. I like the rug too. I also like the IKEA natural one but I think it might be too scratchy.

    1. I like the Ikea one, too, Kylie. The bonus of the Freedom one is that it has two different colours (or at least textures) woven through, which is good as our sofa is a block lighter colour and our flooring is dark. Oh, decisions, decisions!!! Mx


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